Disaster Assessor v0.83 (Beta)
Location: FIPS 17105
Data / Polygon Digitization / Population Estimation with Google MyMap and Google Earth.
DISCLAIMER: Users assume all liability for the application of this tool. No warantee is granted or implied.
Livingston Co., IL.
Available Layers
Green: Population density (persons/sq. mile)
Pontiac::100yr Flood Plain
Pontiac::500yr Flood Plain
Others TBD:Infrastructure, shelters, WX,
other data as kml/kmz services
Current Polygon
Current Area =
Est. Population =
<-- KML output

To send to MyMaps:
1. Click on box @ left, copy to buffer (Ctrl-C).
2. Paste (Ctrl-V) into a Text file, save and close text file, change filename extension to .kml
3. Go to Google MyMap
4. Within MyMaps, open a map, select Edit.
5. Import .kml file created in step 2.
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