vDAT Resources

Virtual Disaster Assessment Teams (vDAT) are a volunteer technical community supporting the Disaster Assessment function of the American Red Cross. This page provides links to online tools, data, and other internet resources useful for Analysis, Mapping, Weather, and other EEI. General resources are listed below. Last updated 9/3/2012.

CrisisCommons is a volunteer technical community providing mapping/data analysis assistance during a disaster.

Live Data Feed Aggregators:
Hungary’s Emergency and Disaster Information System (EDIS), which aggregates RSS feeds of disaster reports worldwide.

The UN’s Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS), which aggregates disaster feeds and the related maps

The USGS Natural Hazards Support System, focusing on natural disasters (wildfires, weather hazards, earthquakes; maps Federally declared disasters).

Google Public Alerts, displaying current NOAA, NWS, and USGS hazard warnings.

ARC’s Map Catalog and EEI links (typically gives an error message when connecting; connect anyway).

Google News, a customizable news aggregator.

General Software:
GoogleDocs provides an online wordprocessor, spreadsheet, and presentation suite. Multiple users can collaborate while simultaneously editing the same document.

If you can’t afford MS Office Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, then download and install OpenOffice. Free, fully-featured, and on your harddrive when you can’t access GoogleDocs.

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