About xAnalytica

I had put off building a personal website for years, managing to get by using the servers of one employer or other for whatever I needed. However, one day, while I was experimenting with a script, I ran into a security wall. Then I found out my agency doesn’t have a venue for blogging – or a policy governing it. So the time had come to get a domain and a web host of my own. But what to call it?

I had thought the website/domain name should somehow reflect what I do, but that is hard to reduce to the ‘foo.com’ format. Early in my career,  I was an engineer working in the geosciences, using my analytical skills in geo-hydrology, geo-statistics, geo-chemistry, geo-physics, geo-graphical information systems…becoming a geo-hyphen, an analyst of anything geoscientific. Since then, I’ve gone on to characterizing communities affected by disasters, assessing the performance of nuclear fuel repositories, and analyzing business risks associated with water resources.  These days, I’m pretty generic, kind of an x-analyst: whatever the ‘x’ stands for, that’s what I’m analyzing. So I thought, why not xAnalytica for a name?

So xAnalytica.com is my site on the internet to present samples of analyses, experiment with web-based software, and discuss the analysis and interpretation of data.

xAnalytica. yNot?

Doug Walker

P.S. The views expressed in this blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the positions of my employer.

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