Red Cross Gets Social

Posted by – March 7, 2012

In collaboration with Dell, the Red Cross has launched The Digital Operations Center, a social media-monitoring center dedicated to humanitarian relief, that will help the Red Cross to better share safety and preparedness tips during natural disasters. This is in response to the ongoing trend of people to rely on social media for news and information (80% of people expect emergency responders to monitor social media), and a growing realization of the value of social media during disasters.

My thanks to Lea Shanley for the tip!


P.S. 20120428.1520: Patrick Meier, a crowdsourcing pundit, wrote a nice blog piece on the Digital Operations Center based on his interview of Wendy Harman, Director of Social Strategy for American Red Cross. In it, Meier overviews the software driving the center, gives a few screenshots, and notes that Wendy and team are also launching a digital volunteers program to assist the Operation Center by filtering the Big Data that social media generates during a disaster. My thanks to Rocky for tipping me off to Meier’s piece!