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Posted by – April 24, 2011

My Sunday routine used to include drinking coffee and reading the comics, often aloud and in goofy voices to one or more of the kids cuddled on my lap. I have loved the Sunday Funnies since I was a kid, and my kids have learned not to steal that section before Dad finds out what has happened to Prince Valiant or nods his head in agreement with Dilbert. Today, I note with regret and amusement that during my AAAS Fellowship, the Sunday Funnies have been replaced by much wonkier fare. The half-dozen or so tabs in my browser window this morning include:

  • The announcement for How Pakistan Negotiates with the U.S., the new book by Howard and Teresita Schaffer, two former diplomats that have completely flunked retirement;
  • The Amazon page for Ghost Wars, Steve Coll’s book on the conflict in Afghanistan from the Soviet invasion up to 9/11/2001;
  • A pdf file from the Stimson Center entitled Troubled Waters: Climate Change, Hydropolitics, And Transboundary Resources;
  • Several articles from Foreign Policy, including What Happens When the Arab Spring Turns to Summer? (David Ignatius), The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers (tied for 1st: Gates and Buffet?!), and a hyperbolic little piece entitled SkyNet goes Operational over Libya…;
  • The Amazon page for Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance, the 2010 book by Ian Bremmer and Nouriel Roubini, the guy who noted in 2006 that the real estate bubble was ready to burst; and
  • my Gmail account and the dashboard of my blog.
  • (NOT to be considered an endorsement; half of them I will glance at, then click closed). Plainly, I need to go out and enjoy Spring.


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