Incredible: The Photopic Sky Survey

Posted by – October 17, 2012

Star field The Photopic Sky Survey is a highly detailed photographic map of the Earth’s sky created by Nick Risinger, who travelled around the globe to capture 37,440 exposures of the night sky and stitched them together into a single 5,000 megapixel photograph. You can download, scan, and zoom through this incredible image online courtesy of (click on the info “i” icon at bottom left of the display to reveal the annotations).

Even more amazing is the Sky Survey app ($2.99 for iPad/iPhone) based on Risinger’s map which orients the displayed star field to match your current latitude, longitude, time, and the iPad’s orientation. In essence, it turns your iOS device into a planisphere and it is nearly magical to use, as if your iOS device has opened a hole into the wall or ceiling – or floor – to reveal the stars:

Photographer and designer Nick Risinger recounts his year-long, 60,000 mile journey of creating the imagery behind the photopic map at Sky Survey.

Thanks to Max for the tip!