Make Your Own Hurricane App

Posted by – October 11, 2012

The ready availability of data and model results on the Internet means that, with a little creativity, you can aggregate your own data and analyses into a useful tool. So, let’s say you can’t stand the ads in’s iHurricane HD (free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and you can’t afford Kitty Code’s Hurricane. Well, ZDNet’s review of hurricane apps points out that you could emulate iPhoneEZApps’ Hurricane Tracker 3.6.1 ($1.99 for iOS) FOR FREE by simply opening the following URLs in the web browser of any PC, Mac, iOS or Android device:

That is, you can fake a decent hurricane tracking app using your phone/tablet’s browser to open the above links. You could do the same on your Mac or PC, with the added elegance of opening each link as a separate tab in web browser. And you can’t beat the price.