Hurricane Apps

Posted by – October 8, 2012

If you live on the sea coast – or are a disaster junkie – you might be looking for an iPhone/iPad/Android app that tracks hurricanes. There are several highly rated apps available at the iTunes store, but Kitty Code’s Hurricane ($2.99 for iOS; $3.99 for HD/iPad) gets great reviews and the NYTimes’ GadgetWise put the lightweight version, Hurricane Express ($0.99 for iOS), at the top of its list of hurricane tracking apps. Another possibility is EZ Apps’ Hurricane Tracker ($2.99 for iOS), which TIME’s Techland rated as their favorite. Stormpulse has reportedly developed a native iOS client for their acclaimed site but it appears to only be accessible to those who purchased their license.

Hurricane by American Red Cross (free for iOS, Android) is a tracker app that lets you monitor conditions in your area, coaches you in preparing your family and home, and helps you notify others that you are safe. TIME’s review notes that it’s a light on meteorological data, but this app is designed for public safety, not analysis:

The American Red Cross’ Hurricane app works for Android, but your other choices for Android devices are limited to STKI Concepts’ Hurricane Hound ($1.99 for Android), which also received an Honorable Mention in in BestAppEver’s 2011 Best Weather App competition.