Disaster Relief 2.0: the Report

Posted by – June 21, 2012

Several people reading my previous blog entry noted that they had trouble finding/downloading the HHI report, so here it is, the Disaster Relief 2.0 Report text (6.5 Mb, pdf format).

Of particular interest to me was the quote on p36 from the leader of the Icelandic Search and Rescue team, who described an analysis and planning process used during the Haiti response that mirrors the vDAT concept being developed by Red Cross DA managers:

“In previous emergencies, we would stay up all night,  trying to create a plan of action for the day after.  Instead of doing that, we contacted 24/7 home support.  We simply told them, ‘Find out anything you can from  Léogâne, the best maps you can find, identify potential targets, where are there large building, hospitals,  shopping, create lists, and GPS coordinates.’ At 4AM,  in my inbox, was a 2MB PDF document. Maps, pictures,  school and municipal office locations, contact information of the chief of police, mayor, and GPS locations- all  from GoogleEarth and Google searched information. I printed out a 10-page leaflet, with all of that information to squad leaders, they read it on the way over there.  The UK team said, ‘Wow, where did you get that!’ There  are a lot of tasks like this, which can be outsourced to  other groups… “